Danni Hannah


Danni is our crazy, smoking hot babe and fire cracker on the job! She will serve you the four important B’s; Beers with banter, boobs and booty! If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, Danni is not only a super star with drinks service but her sexy strip shows are the ideal way to finish off the night!

Skimpy Waitressing: $100/hr (Min 2hr Bookings)

Topless Waitressing: $150/hr (Min 2hr Bookings)

Nude Waitressing: $250/hr (Min 2hr Bookings)

Dance Shows: Price on Enquiry
Hot Cream Strip Show: $350
Pearl Show: $450
Toy Show: $500
PVC Show: $550
Fruit and Veg Show: $600
The Works Show: $650
Fisting and Squirting Show: $750


Bookings: 0412136443