Alice Jayne


Alice Jayne is our tall english babe with all the energy your party will require, plus some! This sassy waitress can also blow you away with her hot cream strip shows, so you best be ready before booking her!

Not only will you be mesmerised by her sexy accent, every aspect of this gorgeous womens body will have you in a trance. You won’t be disappointed with Alice Jayne!!

Skimpy Waitressing: $100/hr (Minimum 2hr Bookings)

Topless Waitressing: $150/hr (Minimum 2hr Bookings)

Nude Waitressing: $250/hr (Minimum 2hr Bookings)

Hot Cream Strip Show: $350

Deluxe Hot Cream Strip Show: $400


2015 – Winner of the Coyote Ugly Award

2015 – Winner of the Prettiest Pistols Award