Perth’s Strongest Dwarf


POCKET ROCKET – Perth’s Strongest Dwarf – Character Actor/Entertainer

Pocket Rocket sized, 147cm tall with bodybuilders physique, available for events, parties, birthdays, hens parties and bucks parties where your looking for a short statured guy to play a particular role/character at your event.

I am available for Hens Nights when it fits the theme of the night or for something different. I also have a unique routine I put together for Hens Nights where I do a pretend stripper routine or be a short statured topless waiter.

Bucks Parties – Am often hired for bucks parties to play pranks on the buck and pretty much come in and embarrass him in many ways. I am also hired to be the bucks mini twin and basically dress the same as him as his much shorter twin. Characters at events include an Elf for Xmas events, a jockey for race events, a leprechaun for St Patrick’s Day and Irish themed events, Mini Rambo/Commando, Mini Batman, Mini Wrestler, Oompa Loompa, Clown etc. You won’t be disappointed. Very entertaining with lots of charisma.

Please contact us with your booking enquiry.

Hens & Bucks Parties:

1 hour: $220

2 hours: $330

3 hours: $440

4 hours: $550


Other Events

1 hour: $165

2 hours: $275

3 hours: $385

4 hours: $440

All cash payments

  • Prices may be higher if travel is required outside the metropolitan area
  • An additional hire fee may apply if I have to hire a particular costume for an event that I don’t already have
  • The only thing I don’t do at hens/ladies nights is a full on proper strip routine, just pretend ones where I get shirtless or down to a pair of stripper shorts.

Kim: 0412136443